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For sale is this Mack Bulldog AC Dump truck. Built in  1924 we saved it from salvage in Kansas several years ago. It will need lots of work but would defenitely we worth to rebuild as it's one of the very rare remaining  Mack Bulldog dump trucks with the original dump system.

The AC is powered by a cast in pairs 4-cylinder petrol engine that delivered 74 brake horsepower out of a 5" bore by 6 inch stroke giving some 7.7 litre dislacement. The engine has an aluminum crankcase which includes inspection ports, and a governor built into the camshaft timing gear.  It is driven through a three-speed transmission with a clutch brake and a final drive by heavy chains. One of the most distinctive features of the AC was its hood and dashboard mounted radiator which was covered by a squared off bonnet of a coal scuttle pattern which had a small circular grille at the front containing the Mack emblem, all of which gave the model its distinctive appearance and its  Bulldog name.

Mack Buldog AC Dump Truck 1924

8.500,00 €Preis
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