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Maxwell produced automobiles from 1904 through 1925. It started in Tarrytown, New York, under the name of Maxwell-Briscoe Company as its founders were Jonathan Dixon Maxwell and the Briscoe Brothers. Jonathan Maxwell gained experience working for Oldsmobile and Benjamin Briscoe was an early industry pioneer who was convinced that the car David Dunbar Buick was trying to built with the help of Briscoes money, would never become anything. So he sold out his investment in the Buick project and started Maxwell-Briscoe. For sale is this pretty early 1910 Maxwell Model Q Roadster. Being restored many years ago the car is still in nice condition as can be seen in the pictures and runs well as showed in the small video. Would be an ideal candidate for all prewar rallies and especially for all the Brass Car Tours.

Maxwell Model Q 1910

34 000,00 €Prix
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