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Introducing the Byron V. Covert 1902, a rare find that will surely catch the eye of any car enthusiast. Only 2 of this models are known, 3 Coverts in total, and we are proud to have one of them. Its history is known since its purchase in 1902 by Miss Gertrude Elstner Woodard, a librarian in Ypsilanti Michigan. This car has a unique story, having been sent back to the factory because it couldn't climb hills, only to pass the test upon its return in september 1902. It has been displayed in the Sloan Museum and the John Moir Collection before finally finding its home with us since 2014. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of automotive history that is eligible for the London to Brighton rally.

Covert 1902

€ 53.000,00Prezzo
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