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For sale is this Latil H14TL10 Timber Tractor. The engine used for the tractor is the H14, an evolution of the pre-World War II H1 with a direct injection system licensed from Gardner. It is a inline-four diesel engine with a 108 mm bore and a 152 mm stroke, giving a displacement of 5,585 cc Its power was between 65 HP at 1,500 rpm 85 HP at 1,850 rpm The gearbox is a 4-speed unit with a transfer case giving 8 forward speeds and 2 reverses. The gearbox output shaft is connected to the front and rear axles, making the tractor on permanent four-wheel drive. Levers in the cabin are connected to the differential system to lock the drive on any axle.The tractor has a four-wheel steering system, with the steering drop arm connected to the stub assemblies of both axles, giving it a turning radius of 4.6m. The tractor's wheelbase is 2.4 m and it weighs over 3 tonnes. Suspension is by straight leaf springs. The tractor is in unrestored, in running and driving condition and is equipped with  its air compressor and the extremely rare pulley option. 

Latil H14TL10 Timber Tractor

5 500,00 €Prix
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