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About Us

Back in 1993, I bought my first tractor, a 1956 Fendt F15. It was intended to help with my hobby those days: sheep.

A little later at an exhibition I saw a book on veteran tractors and found out that there was a Fendt  F15 in it, and of course, I bought the book: This must have been the moment I got infected with the OLDIRON-disease.

Soon the sheep barn was needed for tractors and the sheep were sold.

Some day in 2004 my whole life changed dramatically. I quit the family construction business and started to travel looking for antique tractors.

I soon found out the oldiron-disease for me was more like a cure. It changed my life completely and made me travel, meeting great people in many countries all over the world,


Soon we needed a truck & trailer to bring our treasures home.

We also needed a mechanic and found him in Wim, a good friends son who was dreaming about making a living in antique tractors and still loves to work on them every day and is a collector as well..


From the beginning my son Lennert has spent every free hour in vintage mechanics and brings everything to life, preferably the "impossible to start" ones. Since the end of 2021 he became full time part of the company.

By now, we collect, restore, buy and sell antique tractors, cars trucks and more. We are always in business mode and buy and sell, whether it is a single piece or an entire collection.

We especially like steel wheeled ones, the older the better.

That's also why we helped organise in 2017 the

"Anno 1920 Tractorshow"


Please check out in the menu what we have for sale at the moment.
If you cannot find what you are looking for anywhere else, leave a message in our mailbox with your details and phone number. We have contacts worldwide and might make your dreams come true.
If you have anything special for sale, please let us know,no matter where on earth we have to haul it.

Marc Geerkens.                               Lennert Geerkens

Founder of Happy old Iron.             Mechanical Doctor


My son Lennert those days with the Fendt F 15 
Me and my son Lennert on the Schmotzer in the summer of 2009
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