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For sale is this pretty original FN AS24 also known as Tricar Parachutable. It is a military motorized tricycle produced by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal during the 1960s. A single vehicle was evaluated by the US Army in 1963. 460 were produced,  the majority being used by Belgian parachute troops, and some 130 went to service in the French paratrooper units. They were withdrawn from service in 1984, replaced by the Lohr Fardier. 

This vehicle is complete with its foldable trailer that is used as platform to parachute from a plane. It was possible to assemble  the trailer and to telescope the frame in under a minute to get away from the drop-zone. 

It is a 4 passenger including driver, weight is 170 kg, cargo 350 kg of men and equipment. Height is 85 cm and the engine is a  15 hp Two-cylinder, two-stroke, 245cc model FN 24. Maximum speed is 97 km/h, of course without the trailer.

FN AS24 Tricar Parachutable 1966

€ 7.500,00Prezzo
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